Hmm..bagaimanakah kecepatan internet kita saat ini? Cepat atau lambatkah? Semuanya bisa kita cek melalui 10 cara terbaik ini. Mari kita ikuti :

1 : is a modern DSL speed-test to analyze your broadband internet access

2 2Wire Speed Test : No need to enter any detail just open the link and it will start bandwidth test.

3 McAfee Speed test : Speed test from popular Anti-virus website McAfee.

4 Intel Speed Test : Speedtest from official intel website.

5 SpeedTest : Easy to remember domain name, and nice interface.

6 Bandwidth Place : Click on start and you are good to go with your bandwidth test.

7 SpeakEasy : Option to choose from the different server list to get accurate result.

8 Kify Internet Speed Test :The Bandwidth Meter speed test will check the bandwidth of your Internet connection against top DSL, cable modem, and other broadband services.

9 CNET Bansdwidth meter :The CNET Bandwidth Meter speed is one of the fastest and reliable method to check your internet speed.

10 Airtel broadband : Bandwidth test from india top internet provider which also analyze your speed and connection quality.

Dicoba - coba dulu ya!

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